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Atsushi had his first overseas experience in 1991 as a young college student.
First landing in Seattle and heading north through Canada, Atsushi canoed 500 miles of the Yukon River and treked to Mt. McKinley in Alaska. This experience left a lasting impression on him and ultimately forged his career path.

Before founding Focus America Corporation in August 2012, Atsushi served as Executive Director of the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) NY since 2008. In his 20 years experience at JETRO serving Japanese companies, Atsushi has worked throughout world, Vietnam, Malaysia (to this day he speaks fluent Malay), China, Europe and finally US.

He continues to see potential in Japanese products and manufacturers to thrive in the US market, and has used his extensive experience to promote and develop the best of ‘Made in Japan’ products
Atsushi Semimoto



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