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Yu-Zen Washi Tin Tea Canister

The Washi Tea tin is the Kotodo’s most popular item. The Washi Tin Tea Canister is manufactured of tin -plated steel and beautifully wrapped by hand in traditional Japanese Washi paper.

The soft, cloth-like texture and exquisite patterns help bring out a feeling of warmth.

The airtight, double-lid canisters ensure the contents will be protected from light exposure, humidity, and air.


Ideal for storage of teas, herbs and any other dry goods.

Product features

Opening the lid is a luid operation and a fine work of art. Kotodo’s craftsmen meticulously fine tune the fit of each lid to the body of each individual canister.

The finished edges of the lid and body are flush with each other. Having an even surface all around minimizes friction, thus prolonging the life of the Washi paper. The smooth surface is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Twist the lid counterclockwise until an audible “click” is heard. The patterns on the lid and the body will be in perfect alignment.

The airtight inner lid is made of quality metal, unlike plastic that can transfer aromas.

Item number : 200200
Color :
Red Chrysanthemums (Red)
Plum Blossoms (White)
Imari Ribbon (Blue Ribbon)
Guilded Waves (Simple Blue)

Size : φ 3.03 x 6.14 inch
Weight : 7 oz.
Volume : N/A
Material : Tin with Washi Yuzen Paper Coating
Product of Origin : Japan